Top Five Benefits of a UK Staycation

Posted on 5th October 2021 by Stagecoach Rewards
Top Five Benefits of a UK Staycation

Top Five Benefits of a UK Staycation

Since holidays abroad are now a thing again, we’re pretty sure many people will be racing to book their next sun-soaked getaway - and who can blame them after several weeks of lockdown. However, we have to admit that we’re big fans of a good, old-fashioned UK staycation. Yes, we’d like to be sipping sangria in Spain – or whichever country’s make the green list – but when the UK has so much to offer, it would be rude to not indulge. Check out our top five reasons for holidaying in the UK. We have even provided you with a little inspiration for your UK adventure.
Oh and who knows, we might even get some decent BBQ weather too (fingers crossed!).

1. Less Travelling
If there’s one thing that we’ve learnt over the last 12 months, it’s that our time is precious. Do you remember the painful three-hour wait before your flight? That brings us to the perk of a staycation, just pack your bags and go – it’s that simple. Whether you’re travelling by car, bus, train or taxi, you’ll be sure to save a lot of valuable time and hey, there’s no jet lag or transfer hassle either. Oh, and let’s not forget that we’ll be reducing our carbon footprint as well. It’s a no-brainer if you ask us.

2. Supporting Your Local Economy
Thanks to Coronavirus, the UK economy has taken a major hit. Now it’s time to give back and start supporting local businesses again. If you’re out exploring a new city, try to boost the economy by eating out at local restaurants, bars or cafes! Or instead of your weekly shop at the local ASDA, why not opt to try an independent farm shop or market stall? As cliché as it sounds (and yes, we are aware that Tesco said it first), every little helps.

3. Explore New Areas
Having been cooped up for the best part of a year, it’s fair to say that we’re all itching to see something other than our front garden. And whilst you might love your hometown, the thrill of exploring a new place is just a little too tempting now. The UK has many hidden gems; from breath-taking views in the Yorkshire Dales to beautiful, sandy beaches in North Wales, and don’t forget the picturesque villages steeped in British history – if there’s one thing we’re certain of, you’ll never be bored exploring the UK.

4. Bring Your Pets Along
If you’re not ready to give up spending every minute of every day with your pet – and we’re speaking from experience here – why not bring them along for a holiday? In the UK, we’re lucky to have an abundance of choices when it comes to pet friendly hotels! Most places will charge a small pet fee but considering how much it would cost you to put your beloved fur babies in kennels – you’re already saving a small fortune! Plus, think of all the walking and extra memories you’ll get to make.

5. And Finally…Save Your Well Earned Money
Believe it or not, a UK staycation can sometimes be cheaper than holidaying abroad. How? With summer getaway prices set to soar, plus the cost of holiday insurance and covid tests upon return, choosing to holiday in the UK might be a kinder alternative for your bank account. Become ‘one with nature’ and choose a wild camping trip or if you fancy a bit of glitz and glam, treat yourself to a luxury hotel break. The best part? Alot of UK hotels will be offering some major savings.

So, you’ve decided you want a staycation. Good choice. The next question is where do you want to enjoy it?

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