Rock and Roland at KidZania London

Posted on 25th November 2019 by Stagecoach Rewards
Rock and Roland at KidZania London

There is plenty going on at KidZania London in the run up to the festive season- as well as all our Christmas activity due to start from November 30th 2019, we have a completely re-vamped Music Studio, Rock and Roland! Imagery attached and information below. We also have the opportunity for children to become performers at the KidZania theatre in dance shows at set time throughout the day!

Rock and Roland Music Studio

The band needs you! Kids become the drummer in the band and take to the stage whilst learning key drumming skills.
Kids can become a drumming master in just 20 minutes! They will have a chance to find the beat with a Roland electric drum kit – starting with warm-up exercises and basic skills. They will also have fun collaborating with other students and improvising their own rhythm!

Superhero and Festive Dance Shows at the KidZania Theatre

Kids become performers of a themed dance show at the KidZania theatre at select times throughout the day. Children can rehearse and then take their skills to the stage, whilst parents can enjoy attending the performance as spectators in the auditorium.

Up to November 29th 2019, kids can take part in the Superhero Dance Show and during between 30th November 2019 and January 5th 2020, they can be involved in the Festive Dance Show.

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