Ever seen an Alaskan Sea Otter?

Posted on 11th December 2019 by Stagecoach Rewards
Ever seen an Alaskan Sea Otter?

UK to become new home to a pair of first ever Sea Otters

In a UK first, two rescued Alaskan sea otters will become residents in a new £multi-million marine rescue facility as part of a pioneering education and conservation project in partnership with the Alaska Wildlife Rescue (AWR).

Once on the verge of extinction after being hunted for their thick, rich pelt in the 1800s, sea otters remain a seriously endangered species (IUCN Red Listed) and now have a vital role to play in a ground-breaking marine education programme here, on the other side of the globe.

The sea otters have a remarkable journey ahead of them; travelling over 5,000 miles by land and air before touching down in Birmingham. In a milestone move, the project has been granted permission for border inspection to take place in Birmingham.

Following a police escort, the precious cargo will go in to quarantine and settle in to their new state-of-the-art and temperature controlled facility, which will replicate their natural habitat in the wild and give the sea otters a safe sanctuary for the rest of their lives.

Some fun facts about these amazing animals:

  • The sea otter can live its entire life without leaving the water
  • Its fur is the densest of any animal on Earth—an estimated 1 million hairs per square inch. That’s because, unlike its fellow marine mammals, it has no blubber to keep it warm
  • Sea otters do not migrate far. They create rafts, usually comprised of a single sex and range from as few as 10 individuals to 100.
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Partner: Aquarium Birmingham