SEA LIFE Loch Lomond

With an exciting array of amazing creatures at each attraction, you’re sure to discover a new fascinating favourite as you get up close to the most weird and wonderful the ocean has to offer.

Explore the Lochs of Scotland and see some of the amazing creatures that can be found in native Scottish waters. Prepare to be amazed as you come face-to-fin with the incredible Bonnethead Sharks, these amazing creatures are members of the Hammerhead family. See if you can you spot them in the Ocean Tunnel swimming around the abandoned shipwreck?

Please note, that all SEA LIFE centres & Sanctuaries are adhering to Government guidance and have implemented social distancing measures. All guests will be temperature checked upon arrival, guests displaying a high temperate may be refused entry to their chosen attraction. SEA LIFE Centres & Sanctuaries require all guests over the age of 11 years to wear face masks.

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