Canterbury Roman Museum

Explore the Roman town beneath your feet as you go back 100 years with each step down to the Roman street level. Relive the past as you stroll through the marketplace where you will see what people would have bought and how they lived. Pop your head into recreated Roman rooms to learn all about life during this ancient era. As you wander through this museum you will uncover a hoard of once buried treasures including the remains of a Roman town house with preserved mosaics.

The museum holds one of the UK’s only remaining Roman pavement mosaics which has not been moved from its original place. This beautifully preserved Roman floor provides a fascinating insight into life in Roman Britain.

This museum entertains, engages, and educates children with interactive and creative experiences. Children (and adults!) can try on a toga to reveal their inner Roman general or make a beautiful mosaic of their own, that even the grandest of Roman emperors would be jealous of.

Come and uncover the ancient history of Roman Canterbury.

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